HYPE Academy is NOW OFFERING Virtual Tutoring! Let HYPE Academy help with your academic needs. 

HYPE’S One-on-One Tutoring Program is sometimes called the Catch-Up program. One-on-One Tutoring is intended to help your child plug in fundamental academic gaps or ‘catch up’ with kids of similar age and grade level. We’ll start by giving your child a Diagnostic to assess basic Reading and Math Skills. 


• High-Frequency Word Recognition• Word Recognition • Phonics • Spelling • Oral Vocabulary • Reading Comprehension


• Comprehension Numbers & Operations • Measurement •
Data Analysis • Geometry • Algebra

Once that’s done, we’ll meet with you to discuss the results. We’ll then develop an Academic Prescription for your child and set the schedule. Your child will attend a set number of hours of remedial sessions with a qualified teacher. Depending on the extensiveness of your child’s academic weaknesses, we may suggest that he continue services beyond the initial cycle. Tutoring packages start at $270 for 6 hours.