What is HYPE?

HYPE Academy (Helping Young People Excel), LLC is a Private School and Academic Resource Center (ARC) located in New Orleans East.

HYPE Academy Private School  provides core instruction for 1st-12th graders whose families have decided that HYPE’s intimate (student:teacher ratio 15:1) and accommodating environment proves more suitable for their children than the traditional school setting.

HYPE’s ARC program includes the One-on-One Tutoring and Homework Assistance programs. In the One-on-One Tutoring program, students who have major academic gaps identified through HYPE’s Diagnostic assessment receive one-on-one instruction from qualified teachers. The Homework Assistance program works well for students who have fallen behind in class and need the classroom structure and daily assistance of HYPE’s tutors in a small group setting.

During the summer months, HYPE Academy offers Summer Excel +Camp. Summer Excel Summer School (grades 1-12) provides opportunities for students to earn high school credits, plug in gaps (remediation) and get an early start on the upcoming year (enrichment). Summer Excel Camp (ages 5-10) gives campers an opportunity to participate in recreational activities in a safe, caring and structured environment.

The Team at HYPE Academy has served over 600 families since opening in 2011 and is dedicated to maximizing growth opportunities.