HYPE’s Founders

HYPE Academy is owned and operated by native New Orleanians Joshua J. and Arianne Craig Jolla. As residents of New Orleans East, the Jollas have used HYPE as a vehicle by which they’ve invested in the community since 2011.

Joshua serves as HYPE’s Director. He is a certified tutor who has been an active youth leader and musician for many years. Joshua focuses much of his personal and professional energy on impacting the lives of others through music. As Lead Tutor of the Academic Resource Center, he leads the team in providing exemplary academic assistance to students from schools across the city.

Joshua & Arianne C. Jolla
Owners- HYPE Academy

Arianne serves as HYPE’s Executive Director and Lead Instructor. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education from Dillard University and a Masters degree in Special Education from the University of New Orleans. Arianne, a Louisiana-Certified school teacher since 2001, exited the public school system in order to devote full-time energy to the further development of HYPE Academy’s programs and to promote the success of its students. In August of 2017, Arianne released her debut book, Teach Your OWN Kid! Schools Can’t Do It Alone. She is also the host of the Teach Your OWN Kid! Podcast.

Both Joshua and Arianne are committed to doing the work necessary to provide exceptional and individualized educational services to young people across the country- beginning in New Orleans.