HYPE Academy Private School

is the solution for students who don’t fit the traditional mold. These students thrive in HYPE’s more intimate setting where they receive individualized attention in a Christian environment.

Private School students work at their own pace. The  5th-12th graders use their laptops to access the Ignitia curriculum. Each student is also assessed at the beginning of the year so that Remediation can be appropriately provided.

HYPE Academy Private School approaches education from a holistic perspective. The effort to cultivate the entire student includes Guest Presentations, Field Trips, Physical/Health Education, and other specialized programming.

Monthly tuition starts at $475 (after start-up costs). Income-based scholarships are available through the Louisiana Department of Education and the ACE and ARETE Scholarship programs.


HYPE Academy firmly believes that all students have a right to a safe and healthy school environment. Thus, HYPE Academy has an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance among students, staff and volunteers. HYPE Academy admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.


HYPE Academy is owned and operated by native New Orleanians Joshua J. and Arianne Craig Jolla. As residents of New Orleans East, the Jollas have used HYPE as a vehicle by which they’ve invested in the community since 2011.

Both Joshua and Arianne are committed to doing the work necessary to provide exceptional and individualized educational services to young people across the country- beginning in New Orleans.

Joshua Jolla

Joshua serves as HYPE’s Director. He is a certified tutor and has been a musician (keyboard & organ) for many years. Joshua focuses much of his personal and professional energy on impacting the lives of others through music. As Lead Tutor of the Academic Resource Center, he leads the team in providing exemplary academic assistance to students from schools across the city.

Arianne Craig Jolla

Arianne serves as HYPE’s Executive Director and Lead Instructor. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education from Dillard University and a Masters degree in Special Education from the University of New Orleans. Arianne, a Louisiana-Certified school teacher since 2001. In August of 2017, Arianne released her debut book, Teach Your OWN Kid! Schools Can’t Do It Alone and produces/hosts the Teach Your OWN Kid! Podcast