The St. Tammany Parish public school district‘s average ACT score made a slight upward tick last year, moving from 21.4 to 21.5. St. Tammany’s average score on the college entrance exam was the best among the state’s public school districts.

The scores for St. Tammany public high schools ranged from 18.4 at Salmen High School to 23.4 at Mandeville High School.

The state average for the 2013-2014 year was 19.2. The national average is 21 on a 36-point scale.

(Check out our data base for district and school ACT scores.)

Over the last 10 years the district’s average score has ranged from a low of 21.4 to a high of 21.9 in the 2011-2012 year. After the 2011-2012 year, the state required all juniors to take the ACT, which had the effect of lowering the district’s score.

“I am proud that St. Tammany Parish Public Schools remain number one in the state in ACT score rankings and that students’ scores in our schools also remain above the national average,” St. Tammany schools Superintendent Trey Folse said in an email. “ACT scores are the number one indicator of college readiness, and our district scores prove we are preparing our students for the future. This is truly a total team effort and a major accomplishment for our teachers, administrators, students and parents.”

The numbers are a composite of the best score that each member of that year’s graduating class received, no matter when or how many times the student took the test. In Louisiana, ACT scores are calculated into school and district performance scores and are also used to determine¬†TOPS college scholarships for students.