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Dillard University has added a medical physics concentration to its existing Physics and Pre-Engineering program in an effort to capitalize on the growing need for qualified medical physicists in the state and local area, according to a Dillard news release.

Abdalla Darwish, a Dillard physics professor, said in a statement that Dillard is, to her knowledge, the only four-year college in the state to offer a medical physics focus. Skills developed in the program will prepare students to work with and maintain a range of diagnostic imaging devices commonly used in hospitals and research centers, Darwish said.

In 2012, Dillard ranked as a top producer of African-Americans with bachelors in physics, according to the American Institute of Physics. The following year, the National Science Foundation ranked Dillard among the top 50 colleges whose graduates go on to earn doctorates in the sciences.

To read more about the professor Darwish’s work visit Dillard’s website.