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An annual fiscal report filed by the University of New Orleans was off by at least $33 million and the university also lack appropriate controls on the accuracy of parking tickets, according to a new audit by Louisiana Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera.

The auditor’s review, which covered the fiscal year ending June 30, concluded that university officials had not performed a thorough review of the annual fiscal report and that UNO staff members were not properly trained in how to assemble data.

The auditor’s findings showed that $19.8 million was omitted from the university’s long term debt, $2.3 million in capital lease payments were not eliminated, and $7.2 in net position was misclassified.

The report also stated that lax controls on how UNO police issue parking tickets increased the risk of fraud and errors in an area that brought in around $150,000 in collections during the fiscal year ending June 30.

UNO officials were not immediately available for comment. A statement posted on the Legislative Auditor’s website read, “UNO officials agreed with the funding and recommendations and said it anticipates having changes in place by Feb. 1, 2015.”

Read the full report here.