Some people make them. Many people don’t. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, at one time or another, we all could use an overhaul of some sort. The beginning of a brand new year just seems the opportune time to do so.

Weight loss, attitude adjustments and career changes often top the list. We, at HYPE, want you to consider a resolve of some other kind: Become an Academic Reservoir and Resource for One Child this year.

In the city of New Orleans where the murder rate could very easily surpass the number of days in the year, a drastic mindset shift has to take place. Along with spiritual, emotional and physical health; importance must be placed on the academic well-being of our children. What better way to begin laying the foundation for a better future for our families and our city than by each of us choosing just one child to focus our attention and effort on?

Here are some ways you can Become an Academic Reservoir and Resource for One Child:

  1. Discuss school. Make it a consistent part of your conversations.
  2. Help with homework.
  3. Attend Parent Conferences.
  4. Make pop-up visits to his/her school (try to ‘catch him/her being good’).
  5. Visit the library (ensure that he/she has a library card) and check out some books.
  6. Read in front of him/her. It makes reading normal!
  7. Play games like Monopoly. This helps to develop core values such as integrity & self-discipline.
  8. Attend educational events together.
  9. Be open about your academic strengths as well as weaknesses.
  10. Listen. You may be surprised by what you learn.

Here’s to 2012! Happy New Year!