Religious Conviction

Many parents, upon a close reading of the Bible have come to realize that God commands the parents to raise and teach a child — not that the parents send their children to teachers. This responsibility includes spiritual training and imparting of wisdom — both of which are very difficult to do with children who are being taught opposite values by government curricula.

Why should a Christian parent send their child to school to learn a view of history (Darwin’s) that is totally different from the parent’s deepest religious beliefs? And why should an Islamic mother send her daughter to school to be taught by the other children that dressing in skimpy outfits and kicking her legs high in the air as a cheerleader is the road to success?

Homeschooling used to be something only fringe sects did — because the schools reflected the values of most Americans. But today, many, many denominations have decided that the values taught in the government schools are the values of the fringe — and homeschooling is more normal.


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