As a teacher, I see it all the time. Our kids have little to no empathy and respect for others. Due, in large fashion, to the state of our society, many little boys and girls have become not much more than sadistic voyeurs. They poke and prod at one another like specimen and wait for the reaction to take place. Unfortunately, it matters very little the kind of reaction they receive.

Ashlynn Conner was a ten-year-old girl who was bullied both in school and in her community. Ashlynn had become so weary of being called names like ‘slut’ that she asked her mom to be homeschooled. The article does not release her mother’s response. But, the next day, Ashlynn was found by a sibling in her closet. She had hanged herself.

As you take a look at Ashlynn’s heart-wrenching story, remember your own children. Is your child being bullied? Or, is he/she a bully? Regardless of which side he/she lands on, it hurts us all the same. Reach out to your school officials and other anti-bullying organizations. Help us to put an end to this senseless loss of our precious sons and daughters.