Lack of Confidence in the Government Schools

Parents who lack confidence in the government schools are a growing portion of homeschoolers. This lack of confidence is caused by three trends:
  • The parents are now as well educated as the teachers (or better), and can tell when a textbook is wrong or a teacher doesn’t know her subject matter.
  • The press is continually pointing out and reinforcing problems in the government schools.
  • The government schools are becoming more and more radical in curricula.
  • The government schools are becoming less and less stringent academically.
One of the key issues that convinced us to homeschool was the amount of time we had to spend with our daughter re-educating her about basic History and Geography:
  • “No, World War II was not fought over the Jewish Concentration Camps.”
  • “Yes, Columbus may have cut off the hands of the Indians, but didn’t he do something else more memorable?”
  • “Yes, I understand that you know about South African apartheid. But can’t you name any other country in Africa?”
 After a while, you just lose confidence and decide that you can do it better yourself.


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