Behavioral Problems

Our son was a behavior problem for his pre-school. He had stopped taking naps a year earlier and did not want to take naps. Additionally, he is very musical and memorized new songs within two repetitions — unlike the class, which did the same song each day for two weeks. He began to act up and got into trouble repeatedly. One day he was reported as having had a bad day. My wife asked him why he didn’t obey and he responded dejectedly “I guess my brain is too dumb to behave.” That afternoon was his last at pre-school. My wife taught him to read within 6 weeks — at age 4.

Our son was a behavior problem at his school because he was bored. Other parents have had children become behavior problems because the government schools have no effective means of disciplining students — and the students know it. However, Dad and Mom have more options at hand to control behavior than the teachers at school do.

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