HYPE Academy would like to extend a huge CONGRATULATIONS to our FULL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Anthony Davis IV on his essay entitled “The best way to spend my summer.” Anthony is a fifth grader at Schaumburg Elementary and is eleven years of age. We at HYPE are so excited for his achievement and effort put forth  to receive a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to the Summer Excel program where he will receive assistance in Reading and Math to strengthen his skills throughout the summer and upcoming school year.

          Here’s an excerpt from Anthony’s Scholarship Winning Essay!

“The best way to spend my summer”

I’m happy it’s summer because I can sleep all day and my mom wont get mad. I can have a homemade breakfast and ask for my favorites sometimes too, like pancakes and bacon. The “Wave Pool” is open in the summer, I love swimming a lot and I love to go even on the weekdays. Last year I went all the way to 6 feet and waited for the bell to ring so those waves can come and I hold on tight to my tube and try to ride the biggest wave. It’s the best!